A flow meter is a type of device that is used to measure the amount and speed of liquid or gas that moves through a pipe. The flow meter serves the purpose of providing accurate monitoring. The need for precise calculations, or measurement accuracy, varies with different applications but all are vital to having the knowledge of the process the flow meters are monitoring. Some applications need the ability to carry out accurate measurements because of their extensive influence on product quality, safety, health, and overall profitability. In some cases, inaccurate flow measurements or failing to take these types of measurements can result in drastic consequences.


We understand the benefits flow meters provide can only be realized if they are commissioned correctly. In some cases, pre-operative errors can lead to complications down the road, such as higher maintenance costs and increased downtime. For this reason, we have partnered with JM Electrical of Lynnfield, MA to provide their services. With hundreds of years of collective industry experience, JM Electrical provides clients with a diverse range of superior, specialized services and an experienced team for every project. JM’s advanced training, broad capabilities, and expertise has made them a great partner for ISB Services and one of the largest and most successful electrical contractors in New England.


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