What is condensate?

Condensate is purified water. It is distilled water. It may have some chemical treatment left in it which is valuable. Most of all, it is hot water. It is less expensive to regenerate hot condensate back into steam than it would be to heat cold makeup water into steam. Every BTU (heat energy) is valuable and that which remains in the condensate is no exception. In the past, the focus of condensate removal was generally in main steam process areas only. Condensate contains heat, chemicals, and water. It is usually as much as one third of the cost of generating steam!

One of the best energy-saving measures for most steam systems is returning condensate to the boiler instead of dumping it to drain. Condensate contains a high percentage of the energy (typically 16 percent) used to produce steam. Recovery and return of all possible condensate back to the boiler plant is the best method for cost containment and improved energy efficiency while providing a safe work environment.


ISB strives to meet customer needs by providing complete condensate return packages for plants and facilities. From maintaining existing systems to designing and fabricating new solutions, customers will have peace of mind knowing we will expertly manage the job from start to finish.

ISB services include

  • Design, fabrication, and installation of new condensate recovery systems
  • Enhancing existing systems to improve steam plant efficiency
  • Conduct a soft audit by walking your condensate return system
  • Identifying issues that adversely impact production, address safety concerns, and/or explore possible energy saving opportunities.
Before – Condensate Recovery Skid

Before – Condensate Recovery Skid

After – Condensate Recovery Skid

After – Condensate Recovery Skid

Are you experiencing?

  • Waterhammer
  • Erratic control
  • Failed steam traps
  • System corrosion
  • Condensate draining to sewer
  • Condensate contamination
  • Low % return to boilers
  • System erosion
  • Leaking valve packing

to schedule your soft audit and learn more about our yearly maintenance contract!

Efficiency and Safety tips

Following these valuable tips will help to ensure a reliable and long lifespan of the condensate system

  • Recover and return all possible condensate back to the boiler plant as hot as possible
  • Accept no component failure within three years of operation
  • Install components with maintenance in mind
  • Size condensate lines understanding the medium will be two phase flow
  • Utilize connections that minimize leaks
  • Understand the various pressures of condensate returns available in order to design the piping system with proper flow
  • Remember to allow for pressure gauge installations throughout the system. These inexpensive devices are a key aid in troubleshooting the steam and condensate system

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