24-7 Emergency Boiler Repair Services


Industrial Steel & Boiler Services, Inc. is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling 800-462-3369. If your call comes in after hours, one of our on call personnel will get back to you.

During daily operations of 7 - 3:30 EST, the following is a list of contacts regarding sales or service requirements.

President: Alex Korobkov 413-265-9407 (Cell)
Treasurer: Debbie Salamon 413-532-7788 or 800-462-3369 (Office)
Finance: Gayle Rae 413-532-7788 or 800-462-3369 (Office)
Sales Representative: Bill O'Neil 413-427-8076 (Cell)
In-Line Valves and Heat Exchangers: Alex Korobkov 413-265-9407 (Cell)
Safety Relief Valves: Kristi Crockwell 413-532-7788 or 800-462-3369 (Office)
Fabrication Division Manager: Alex Korobkov 413-532-7788 or 800-462-3369 (Office)
Account Manager: Robert Emerling 203-695-2717
Account Manager: Gregory Green 978-594-7336

Company Information:

Industrial Steel & Boiler Services, Inc. Toll Free: 800-462-3369
939 Chicopee Street, Suite 2 Main Telephone: 413-532-7788
Chicopee, MA 01013-2893 Fax: 413-532-0119
Email: info@isbservices.com  


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