24-7 Emergency Boiler Repair Services


BillIndustrial Steel & Boiler Services, Inc. was incorporated in 1991 by William O'Neil and Gayle Rae. The original plant in West Springfield, Massachusetts proved too small to handle the business growth and diversity. In 1998 the company moved to Chicopee, Massachusetts to a larger facility of 30,000 square feet that includes a 10 ton overhead crane.

Our customer base has grown over the years and includes hospitals, colleges, schools, utility plants, ships, industrial plants, paper mills, churches, and numerous other industries. We Gayleprovide services throughout New England, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and beyond as needed. Work is performed by technicians either at our facility or at the customers site. Technicians are cross trained in several service areas offered by the company. Safety programs are in effect and include lockout tagout, confined space entry, etc. While all groups of the company provide their particular areas of expertise, they are closely connected to the boiler plant itself. The following profiles some basic services offered and how they overlap which has been a benefit to old and new customers alike.


Repairs/Installations, A.S.M.E. and National Board stamps "R", "U", "S". Retubing, refractory, breechings, superheaters, economizers, D.A. Tanks, pipe repairs and installations, etc.


Repair all types of valves in both field and shop, including Gate, Globe, Check, Control, Relief, Regulators, Trip throttle, Extraction etc. We have a self powered mobile machine shop for field outages. Free pick up and delivery is offered.


We have been selected by Kunkle Valve as an authorized safety valve repair/assembler and new valve supplier. We look forward to this opportunity to service our exisiting as well as new customers throughout the northeast and beyond. We will help you maintain your safety relief valves and the systems that they protect. Our VR certification is for A.S.M.E. sections UV and V, shop and field. We VR repair and certify all types/manufacturers' safety and relief valves such as Consolidated, Farris, Anderson- Greenwood, Crosby etc. We also perform electronic on site safety valve testing and have a comprehensive plant safety valve survey program thats tracks all maintenance activity.



We have the ability to roll, bend and shear up to 1/2" thick X 12 foot sheets. Job shopping services and/or special projects such as tanks, hoppers, stacks, etc. Fabricate and ship or build and install turnkey projects. Manufacture and install catwalks, stairs, railings, mezzanines, etc. Manufacture "U" stamp pressure vessels. Manufacture (59 years) Braun highway contractor heavy duty snow plow,  as well as lighter plows for pick up trucks.


Repair, retube, plug, test as necessary heat exchangers and condensers. Manufacture new tube bundles. Manufacture of tube sheets, baffles, etc. On site testing and repair services. Utilize various materials to suit the service application. Perform necessary code welding if required.


Insulation services, piping repairs, modifications and installations, on site machining of flange surfaces with serrated finishes. A.S.M.E. code welding certification to support any need that may arise during the repair process.



The Safety of our personnel and our customers is very important to us. We strive to be the safest we can be. Our employees are trained to O.S.H.A. requirements including lockout tagout, confined space, fall protection, personal protective equipment, etc. All O.S.H.A. requirements are practiced while on site or at our facility. We also have a D.O.T. program that requires all new hires having a physical and substance abuse test. Once hired all employees are subject to random testing. Also, ISB is an approved safe and reliable contractor with www.isnetworld.com.

For questions about our safety program please contact the Safety Manager at 800-462-3369.

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