ISB Safety Valve Repair facility-Notice

As you are aware safety valves are critical to the safety of all. Thus the name “Safety Valve”.

ISB is a VR certified safety valve repair facility with the capabilities to perform shop and field VR repairs. We hold the National board  sec V and UV stamps. We are certified for air, liquid, and steam service valves. We highly suggest that if you have  steam boiler safeties out for repair, that  you periodically witness the testing at the repair facility of your choice. Some may be taking shortcuts and may not be testing the safety valves as required. They may not even have the equipment to test. Please be aware of this possibility. A good question as to “how are you testing the valves?”,could be asked. Take nothing for granted.This makes good sense as you are  ultimately responsible for the safety of the employees along with the integrity of your company.


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New Valve Replacement and Testing

At ISB we have determined that on some occasions new valves leak upon plant start up. As a precautionary measure we give all new valve/s a hydrostatic shell and seat pressure test.  This helps to avoid additional labor and costs after installation.

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